Why choose Empower?

As the planning and design arm of the BMD Group, we offer clients the unique opportunity to access innovation and value management for their projects and business. Our design, constructability and pricing is realistic and reflective of market conditions.

The brand identity and financial strength of BMD, coupled with our partnership with a range of strong and reputable companies, provides opportunities not available through other organisations.

Our boutique positioning means you have access to some of the industry’s best and brightest professionals, including senior management, working on your projects.

We deliver a project team on a ‘Best for Project’ basis. We excel in our field and team up with experts in other areas to ensure every project is a success.

Our people provide certainty and deliver innovative cost effective designs within project scope. They possess the ability to work with contractors to deliver projects on time and within budget. Empower Engineers & Project Managers’ (Empower) philosophy sees us work with clients as if they were partners, allowing us to understand their requirements and deliver an outcome to best suit their needs.

Empower Value Equation

Empower employs the following equation to deliver projects, encouraging collaboration and innovation, ensuring that we achieve best for project outcomes for our clients.